Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thank you for coming to Tommy's Photographs Exhibition

Thank you for coming to Tommy Yoshizawa "Jazz Photographs in 70's - 80's".
We hope everyone enjoyed  different atmosphere with Tommy's keen photographs.
We still have his photographs at Sara, and it is always available to show you them at Sara or Sara Home.
Let us know anytime if you have any favorite musicians.


 Tommy Yoshizawa
65 year old,Tommy has a slender frame, upturned eyes, and, for whatever reason, has always been popular among women.
In 1972, he came to New Jersey as an employee of Tokyo Kougaku. Tommy, a fan of jazz music, started frequenting small clubs and taking photos where other musicians gathered and performed.

While the musicians are playing they fall in a trance.  It is that instant that he wants to capture.

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