Monday, August 30, 2010

Wooden Spinning Tops from Hokkaido, Japan.

Small, wooden spinning tops.

Spins very well.

Very famous studio, 45 years of making these tops in Asahikawa city, Hokkaido. Wood and a wheel is all it takes, and each piece is carved by hand.

If you leave on top the coffee table, everyone is sure to pick one up and start spinning. I'm sure you did too, when

you were young.

Watching the tops spin bring a sense of peacefulness.

Dreidles for Chanukah!?

I played it often during new year holidays.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coming Soon: Mike Weber Sculpture and Vessel Show

Sara Japanese Pottery presents Mike Weber Sculpture and Vessel Show
@ our store 950 Lexington Avenue (btwn 69th/70th)
The show will take place from September 11 - 13.
We will be open on Sunday September 12th for this special show.

Please join us for the opening reception on September 11th from 6:00 to meet Mike Weber.
We will also be featuring Asahishuzo's DASSAI sake at the reception.

We look forward to seeing you all.

Kiri Wooden Boxes for Mike's Tea Bowls arrives from Japan!!!

With Mike Weber's show just around the corner, we finally received our much anticipated Kiri wood boxes for his beautiful tea bowls.

The bow is made of silk and each tea bowl has its own custom box, just to its measurements.

The wooden boxes are still unsigned... Mike will be signing each box at the show as they are purchased.

We hope you come and join us for Mike Weber 2010 show, opening reception on September 11th (Sat) from 6:00 pm.
The show will continue on the 12th and the 13th, please stop by to have a chat with Mike.
Look forward to seeing you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

The first assistance at the shop

I brought my son to the shop for a day.
He is in the middle of summer vacation now.
A customer came and asked us to delivery that item to his apartment near by.

OK, let me delivery that my son Yu said.

This is really the first time walking down the street by himself.

I'm so proud you could do that!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Summer Sake Set!!

Do you know "Katakuchi Pouring Bowl"
I really like it to use my sake serving!
We got Red Lacquer one from Kyushu, Japan.

And hand blown sake glasses from Tokyo are matching so nice.

Full of Sake fragrance in the room when you pour Sake to the glass.

3 sizes of Lacquer Poring Bowls nesting together.

Here is my Summer Sake set!