Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rosewood Inlay Lacquer Box


Chic and beautiful boxes with dark brown color and rosewood accent.
It is easy and beautiful way to organize your glassware, pottery cups/dishes, letters, pictures, handkerchief, ties...etc.

We have 3 different size.

10" Squared Box
W10" x D10" x H5"  $225
14" Squared Box
W14" x D14" x H5"   $265
Rectangular Box
W16" x D6" x H5"   $225

Friday, February 21, 2014

Got an article on "Yomi Time" issuded on Feb. 21st Fri. Vol.224

"Yomi Time", the Japanese free new paper, published an article for our coming event "Gen Saratani - The Aesthetics of Restoration -. 
Issued date Feb. 21st Fri. Vol.224.
Check it out!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gen Saratani Talk Event 2/28 Fri. 6pm - 8pm

Gen Saratani
- The Aesthetics of Restoration –

Discover a Traditional Method as Contemporary Art

Artist Reception, Talk Q&A
 February 28th Fri. 6 pm - 8 pm
We are happy to announce that Sara Japanese Pottery will present the second in a series of event to celebrate our 25th years anniversary. This one-night event will feature the artist Gen Saratani.
Gen Saratani, a lacquerware artist working in the United States, is exceptional in his innovative design and style.  In addition to restoring worn pieces to their original luster using traditional Japanese lacquer techniques and materials, his work reignites the long-standing art of Japanese lacquerware in our modern day world with imaginative designs and vivid figures.
All works shown in the pictures will be here at the event.
Mike Weber's Black Tea Bowl
Takashi Nakazato's Serving Bowl
Zebra Lacquered Panel  ( Gen's original work )
Kazu Oba's Blue Ceradon Mizusashi ( Private collection )
Ruri Takeuchi's Dragon Plate ( Private collection )
Takashi Nakazato's White Tea Bowl ( Private Collection )

More works with Gen's restoration will be coming!
I first heard about Gen Saratani in a conversation with my friend and jeweler, Noriaki Niikura.  Two yeas ago, Mr. Niikura spoke to Gen about a beautiful piece of lacquer artwork that was on display at the SOFA New York Art Expo, to which Gen replied, "You must be referring to my father's work."

Born in Vienna, Austria, Gen grew up living in Europe, America, and Japan.  His father is the renown lacquer artist, Tomizo Saratani.  Gen studied at the Traditional Arts School Kyoto, and then moved to Hokkaido for college.  After graduating, he returned to Kyoto and apprenticed under a Makie artist before becoming a lacquer and restoration artist like his father.  However, Gen found the world of Japanese traditional crafts unappealing, and in 2012 moved to New York in search of a new scene.
He imagined that there is great potential as an artist in restoration work in New York, but it would not be easy to galvanize.  He had to start anew and did not know where to begin to make a name for himself.

Examining the skillfully executed museum quality restoration, I spoke with Mitsuhiro Abe, a colleague and restoration artist at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Mr. Abe described that at a museum, the work of a restoration artist cannot overshadow the integrity of the original piece.  This is true for all museum quality restoration work, its purpose is only to preserve the beauty and value of the artwork. Gen's restoration work crosses over into a sphere beyond restoration.  His work has exceeded all of my expectations. Gen's unique perspective shines and gives new life to the craft.  It reaches beyond other artists in his field.

Gen instills his playful spirit into every piece he restores.  Most people cherish their piece in the original form, but after Gen's restoration work they are overjoyed by the new piece they bring home, a piece of artwork with the additional sense and exquisite skill of Gen. When a piece of ceramic is broken, it will never return to it's original state.  Gen re-creates pieces that transcend the original form.

At times it seems as if it is a collaboration piece of artwork between Gen and the artist who created the original piece. The owner can again enjoy the piece in its restored condition, and frequently ends up liking the restored piece more than the original.
As Gen has described, "In Japan, I end up getting a lot of commissions to do work that is very specific.  In New York, the specifics of the restoration work is up to me."

During the Edo period, a young master would commission a skilled craftsman for a netsuke, a miniature carving attached to the end of a cord hanging from a pouch.  The fashion at the time was to recite a favorite poem to the craftsman who would then use the poem as inspiration to create the netsuke.  The young master would then wait in excited anticipation for the final result from the craftsman.  One can only imagine how enjoyable and amusing this experience must have been.

Often, a very valuable and important piece breaks due to some unfortunate mistake.  Surely you can recall a time when this has happened to you.  Gen uses his alchemy to recreate the former beauty of the piece.  It is indeed an ideal solution and a magical experience to have.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Arrival Tea Pot & Cups

Tea pots and cups arrived from Arita city in Japan.
Unique and nostalgic designs are from "Hakusan Studio" as you might be familiar to "Shell Line".
The big body give nice space to leaf open and hold nice amount.
Functional and beautiful tea pot selections, please come and take a look.

Mayu - Blue, L
from Hakusan Studio
Tea Pot : φ4"3/4 x H 5"1/2 ( include handle H 8"), 32oz  $95
Cups : φ3"1/4 x H 2"1/2
, 6 oz  $20 each

from Hakusan Studio
Tea Pot : φ4"1/2 x H 4"1/2 ( include handle H 7"), 20oz  $70
Cups : φ3"1/2 x H 2"
, 5 oz  $20 each

from Hakusan Studio

Tea Pot : φ5"x H 4" ( include handle H 6"3/4), 20oz  $82
Cups : φ3"x H 3"
, 7.5 oz  $22

Mizutama Tea set  $110
Tea Pot : φ5"x H 4"1/2 ( include handle H 6"1/2), 16oz
Cups : φ3" x H 2"1/2
, 5 oz

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oval Bowls by Hanako Nakazato

Irregular round shape is soothing on the table.
Hanako put scratches on the surface, it became interesting textured patterns under the glaze.
Colors are slightly different in each piece.

Oval Bowls - Green and Chocolate
M  W9" x D 7" x H 2"1/4 , $65
S  W 7"1/2 x D 6" x H 2" , $45

Oval Bowls - Grayish Pale Green
W9" x D 7" x H 2"1/4 , $65

Oval Bowls - Grayish Pale Green
W9" x D 7" x H 2"1/4 , $65

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tea Cup Collections

As everyone knows, we are having really cold icy winter these days.
We need the time to break and to escape from the cold winter.
Here are our selections for your tea time, let's beat the cold and enjoy the rest of winter!

Face Cut Tea Cups
Hanako Nakazato

Scored Cup
Hanako Nakazato

Tea Cups
Jack Troy

Squared Cups
Malcolm Wright

Tall Cup
Shumpei Yamaki

Short Tea Cup
Shumpei Yamaki

Painted Cup
Kazu Oba

Shinogi Cup
Kazu Oba

Shinogi Cup
Kazu Oba

Face Cut Cup
Kazu Oba

Sculptural Cup
Tim Rowan

Sculptural Cup
Tim Rowan

New Arrival from KAZU OBA

New work from KAZU OBA.
Each piece is simply but finely made.
The foggy colors are from the salt-firing, which bring more warmth of the pottery.

We have more works at Sara, please stop by and take a look.