Monday, June 23, 2014

Letter from Mike Weber : Mike's Workshop 2014

Mike Weber has sent us joyful pictures of his workshop, which is 27th year, in his beautiful forest in Wisconsin.
Kazu Oba drove down from Boulder, CO, and attended.

It is two-weeks program with camping and cooking, must be a unforgettable experience!

Cutting Woods
Mike shows his wheeling


Before loading to the kiln
Wishing for the firing

Inside of the wood-fire-kiln

Throwing more woods
Pulling Out the Tea Bowl
"Hikidashi-guro" Tea Bowl

Monday, June 9, 2014

Dessert Plates & Triangular Bowls by Kazu Oba

It is always nice to have simple and useful dishes at home.
Kazu Oba's dessert plates and triangular bowls are very basic, able to stack, durable and also have beautiful form.
You will love them once you start to use.

** Please note that the color of the triangular bowls come out slightly different depending on the piece.

Dessert Plates
φ8" x H 1/2"
Matte White ( left ) , Blue Celadon ( Right )
Matte White
Blue Ceradon

Triangular Bowls
φ6"1/2 x H 2"
Gray ( left ), Yellow-Brown ( right )