Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kazu Oba Exhibition -Imperfect Pottery- : from June 28th untill July 1st

Kazu Oba 2013
- Imperfect Pottery -
June 28th Fri. - July 1st Mon.

Sara Japanese Pottery is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by Kazu Oba.

In 2010, Kazu’s first show at Sara told the story of how he became a potter.
In 2012, we exhibited his works made during his residencies in Germany, Denmark and Japan.

This exhibition will investigate his philosophy behind his pottery and the food culture around his pottery.
It will also showcase his most recent works including the wood-fired pieces from New Mexico.

To Kazu Oba, What is pottery?

“They are simply dishes used for dining. ”
"I'm never interested in making the pottery for the sake of making pottery.  I just like to be contributing in the great dining experience.  What I think as successful dish is something not quite fully realized, they may be short of what we expect to be "perfect", so that when you place food in them, hopefully then they could become something closer to be complete."
“It is not really about the pottery, it's about the food that goes in it.”
"I worked in restaurants for more than 10 years and that's how I became interested in pottery.  For my work I emphasize the relationship between food and pottery, and acknowledge that it is the collaboration between the person who makes food and the person who makes pottery.  The food comes first but not the container."

At first glance, Kazu's pottery may not seem appealing, but with a closer observation, there is a quality of great possibilities hidden within.

The show runs from Friday, June 28th until Monday, July 1st with the opening reception on June 28th, 6 – 8pm.
The artist is in store everyday of the show.

For the duration of one week prior to the show, Kazu will be guerrilla-pot-throwing in some unusual public places with the help of local artists. If you would like to be informed of these to-be-announced locations, please follow him on twitter @ObaKazu or like him on facebook community site "Kazu Oba".


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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Memorial Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.
The store will be closed on 5/27 Monday.
We hope you enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nostalgic Fukkoku Glass Tumblers from Tokyo


New arrivals from glass studio in Tokyo.
Nostalgic designs are revivals from 100 years ago in Japan by using the original hand-press technique.

Nice weight and thick hand-pressed glasses are great for either cold or hot drinks.
These tumblers have been loved through the ages.
Enjoy this beautiful weather with beautiful glasses.

*Available to purchase from HERE

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brushed Gold Bowl in New York Times Article

Interior Decorator, Kristin McGinnis, picked out our Gold Bowl to present in one of the showrooms at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House.
The show is featured in a NY Times, in the Home & Garden section, "House of Your (Vivid) Dreams"
The show is open through June 4 at 161 East 64th Street. 

Brushed Gold Bowl is made at Touetsu-gama studio in Arita city, one of the most famous pottery towns in Japan.
For a special dinning experience, the matte texture is subtle and unique.
It is available in silver as well.
You can take a look them from our site, click the link from Brushed Gold Bowl .