Thursday, July 25, 2013

New Arrival from Mike Weber

Mike Weber's new works, Rice Bowls and Face-cut Bud Vase have arrived.
New shape, new clay and new way to glaze.
His challenge is never ending...

Face-cut Bud Vase

A little tilted shape makes nice profile with flowers.
We also got the hanging vase with this shape.
φ 3" x H 6"
Rice Bowls
Unglazed on the outside and natural ash glaze on the inside.
φ5" x H 3"

Rectangle Plate  10"1/2 x 6"

5"SQ Soy Plate  5"1/2 x 5"1/2

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hanako is back from Japan.

Hanako Nakazato has just got back from Japan and her new season started in Maine.
Colorful Shinogi bowls, spouted bowls, mugs and cups..all those are what we had been waiting for long!

Please come to feel her keen aesthetics.

 Shinogi Bowl (Yellow Ash, Peppermint, Pink) / φ4"3/4  H3"1/4
Shinogi Soba (Snow) / φ3"3/4  H3"

Shallow Almond Bowl / φ7"  H2"1/4

Spouted Bowl / φ4" H3"

 Hat Bowl - Chocolate

Hat Bowl - Snow

 Hat Bowls - Chocolate / Snow
L / φ10"  H2"1/3
M / φ8"1/4  H2"
S / φ6"3/4  H2"
 Egg Bowl - Peppermint, Snow, Chocolate
φ4"~4"1/2   H1"3/4~2"1/4

Lemon Cup (left) /  φ3"  H3"1/4
Milky Cup (right) / φ3"1/4  H3"1/2

 Snow Bamboo Mug (left) / φ3"1/4 H3"1/2
Chocolate Darma Mug (right) / φ3"1/4 H3"1/2

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Arrivals from Malcolm Wright

Bowls and dishes with brushed Karatsu style paintings arrived from the artist in Vermont, Malcolm Wright.
Cold noodle, summer vegetable soup, tofu with grated ginger and bonito-flake, freshly cut fruits...
Let's enjoy the dish in this hot summer with his beautiful works!

Noodle Bowl  
Tanmoku(Black and brown), Gray
φ6"1/2 x H3"

Rice Bowl
Grayish-blue, Tenmoku(Black and Brown)
φ4"3/4 x H3"3/4

Floral-shaped Dish
Grayish-blue only
φ6" x H2"


Tuesday, July 2, 2013



SUMMER SALE just started.
Glassware, Porcelain Dish and Lacquer Tray and Boxes are off!!
Please stop by or feel free to contact us if any of items are in your mind.

Opal Tumblers
The unique patterns are created through a thermotype technique, and you can enjoy their beauty every time you empty your glass.
7.5 oz, 3"1/2 H x 3"1/4 Diameter

Shell Line Mug Cup Set of 6
Design by Masahiro Mori more than 35 years ago. Made of white porcelain white celadon glaze, Dish washer safe and Microwavable .
10 oz,  2" 7/8 H x  4" 1/4 Diameter

SQ Lacquer Tray
Lacquer tray with beautiful lacquer coating.
Other size and colors are available.
16" x 16"