Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kazu Oba's " Omotenashi" - Hospitality- New York Debut Reception Night.

Handmade Japanese Cuisine & Dishes by Kazu Oba.Artist Reception

November 4th 2010 6-8pm at Sara Japanese Pottery.( 950Lexington Avenue New York NY 10021)

Kazu Oba could be the last apprentice of Takashi Nakazato as he no longer takes apprentices.Oba himself confesses that he was the worst of Nakazato's apprentices.

Born 1971 in Kobe, Japan, Oba first moved to the states in 1989. In 1999 he began his apprenticeship under sculptor Jerry Wingren and has occasionally worked with him in Sweden. In 2001 he had his first encounter with Nakazato at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado. The first day they met, Nakazato invited Oba to a dinner at his home, a dinner prepared by Nakazato himself. Oba strongly wanted to become Nakazato's apprentice, however some time before this meeting Nakazato had made public that he will no longer be taking apprentices. Knowing this Oba could not bring himself to ask Nakazato to take him as an apprentice. Two years went by, still Oba yearned to become Nakazato's apprentice. Probably sensing Oba's wish, Nakazato asked Oba if he wanted to become his apprentice. In 2003 Oba's dream finally became reality as he started his new life in Karatsu as Nakazato's apprentice. However this dream did not last long, Nakazato said to Oba, "Perhaps, becoming a potter is not for you. You would be best off finding another road." Oba returned to Colorado in late 2004 not yet ready to give up on his dreams of becoming a potter. His belief is this, being able to appreciate the quality and the greatness of Nakazato's work meant that one day he could possibly achieve that, and with this belief he continues to produce in his studio. For the following years, he has often worked with Nakazato as an assistant when Nakazato visited various locations. This winter they are invited to produce work at art centers in Denmark, Germany, Arizona and back in Colorado. Living side by side with Nakazato, Oba has seen Nakazato not merely as a pottery teacher, but rather a master for life. In the spring of 2009 his persistence and beliefs began to bear fruit, as Nakazato acknowledged Oba's work and invited him to a show with him at Ichibankan Gallery in Fukuoka, Japan. Since then they have been jointly shown at Walker fine Art in Colorado in the fall, again at Ichibankan in the spring this year and at Manyoudou in Ginza, Tokyo.His selected collections include the Denver Art Museum and the Idemitsu Museum.

This reception is a celebration of Kazu Oba's debut in New York. The artist himself will welcome each one of you with his handmade Japanese cuisine presented on his works of art. Japanese Sakes, Ninki-ichi and Mizbasho will be served to accompany Oba's handmade foods. Please join us and witness the moment as the Ugly Duckling takes flight for the first time as a Swan .

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thank you for coming to Kaga Kutani Show!

Thank you for coming evryone!
We had a good time.

Thank you very much for the demonstrations Naoto and Ruri!
Thank you very much for the explanations Ai and Taro!
Thank you very much for the"Ichishima Sake" Michael-san and Tomoko-san.
Thank you very much everyone at Mugi Studio, Outi-san, Olga-san and Elizabeth-san.
Thank you very much very much every one at NY Togeikyoshitsu and Mako-san.

And thank you very much for brought all of this Gallery Hagi , Ms Toyoko Shimoguchi!
You made it real!!